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Financial Help When Life Has Been Turned Upside Down

Cancer, stroke, heart attack, paralysis.

These life-altering events are often preceded with little or no warning. When they happen, ENTIRE families put their lives on hold - but bills don't go on hold.

The best medical care is sometimes not covered by your health insurance.

And if the patient is the breadwinner, or even the breadwinner's spouse, the family begins to quickly scramble for their savings, a 401(k) to dip into - they may even resort to a crowdfunding campaign in desperate situations.

Valdez Insurance Solutions can help prevent financial chaos in these times. Critical Illness insurance policies will provide a lump-sum check payable to the policyholder when a covered person is diagnosed, up to $100,000. These funds can help a patient get specialized care, cover travel expenses, cover costs of utilities and groceries, and any other costs the family might incur as a result of the illness. 

Covered illnesses include those mentioned above, in addition to Alzheimer's disease, kidney failure, or major organ transplants.

If you have had a family member impacted by one of these illnesses and you're between ages 18-64 (sometimes up to 89), you may want to consider such a policy. Schedule an Appointment and we can see if this may fit a need or desire you have.

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