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Great protection for families and others on a budget

The most basic purpose of life insurance is to protect against death of a loved one by providing a sum of money, called a "death benefit", to surviving family members or other beneficiaries.

Young families and those on a budget are extremely vulnerable to a loved one's death. Not only are there immediate final expenses, such as a funeral and medical bills, but there is also a huge gap in income that a family needs to survive. As many as 76% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck as it is - the unexpected death of a father or mother can bring financial catastrophe to a family for years to come. If you think it can't happen to you, think again. Many of us know at least one family who has gone through this devastation. The simple solution of Term Life Insurance can prevent this for a nominal cost.

For no fee, I can discuss your family's need with you and walk you through the whole process - what term length is appropriate, how much coverage to get, whether anyone else in the family needs it, and the application itself. All you have to do is Make An Appointment. If you're in San Diego, we can meet and talk about your needs in person.


Protection and Growth for the Long Haul

Permanent life insurance, such as Whole Life or Indexed Universal Life, can provide additional benefits because, by nature, they allow for the accumulation of dividends and cash value. While these are not guaranteed, many reputable insurance companies have a well-established history of paying these to policyholders year-to-year.

This accumulation of money inside the policy can over time allow you to "become your own bank". And while market investments such as mutual funds may increase in value at a faster rate, Whole Life Insurance can be a steady source of growth for those who are more conservative and market-shy, but still want an additional pool of money to pull from during retirement years.

Whole Life Insurance can be designed to be paid off by a certain time as well, so if you like the idea of lifetime coverage, but don't want to pay for it until you're 100 years old, there are solutions for you too.

If you'd like to discuss Whole Life Insurance or Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL), you can Make An Appointment Online to discuss it for no cost.

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