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Your life and your family are important. Would you agree?

​   Glad we're on the same page!

​        Valdez Insurance Solutions exists to prevent life's curveballs from becoming financial emergencies that can devastate you and your family.


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  • You will be treated respectfully and courteously, like a member of the family.

  • We will use common, everyday language - you will not be expected to know industry jargon.

  • Your needs and desires will be the highest priority.

  • If we cannot benefit you or improve your situation, you will not be expected to do business with us.



Steve E., San Diego, CA

I’m a “Boomer” turning 65 in December. I didn’t have a clue about how Medicare works or the alphabet soup of Parts A, B, C, and D. I saw a few posts from Tom Valdez on Next Door and since I like to deal with neighbors, I contacted him. Tom met me at Starbucks one morning and clearly explained all of the options available. He answered all of my questions in a clear understandable way. I’m an old sales guy myself, but I always prided myself on building relationships,not going for the one time hard sell. Tom does business the way I do business. Highly recommended for his expertise and knowledge. We will meet again in September as I approach the open enrollment period for my first steps into Medicare. Thanks Tom for making it easy!!!!!!


Judy B., Vista, CA

Tom helped me with a client who needed to make changes to his health insurance plan. He is very professional & knowledgeable. He has been great to work with!


Tina G., San Diego, CA

Tom was very helpful and professional in evaluating the insurance needs for husband and me. He walked us through each step of the process for getting the life insurance coverage that we need for our family and made sure that our questions were answered. He was thorough in his communication and managed the entire transaction while we were in different states. I highly recommend his services and expertise!

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